A Tale of The Cat Painter 04
Dear Boy Act III 10
Devil with Flower 04
Eternal Land 01
Eternal Land 02
Eternal Land 03
Fairy Tail 14
Godhand Teru 39
Kome Si Belang 05
La Corda D”Oro 14
Princess Resurrection 05
Rinne 10
Sersan Keroro 17
Sky Blue Square 04
SC: Zodiac Love (STO Ulang)
SC: Hitomi Brand (STO Ulang)
SM: Aku Takut (STO ulang)
SM: Legenda Manusia Serigala (STO Ulang)


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LC: Cage of Eden 01
LC: Giga Tokyo Toy Box 01
LC: I Love You Most 04
LC: Judge 05
LC: Lost Man 13
LC: New The Black Swindler 01
LC: Tomoo 15


Shonen Magz 12 Thn 2012
Shonen Star 22/2012


Resident Evil 02
I Give My First Love to You 06
D.N. Angel 13


You’re My Everything 06
100% Perfect Girl 05
Marry Me, Mary! 03

Namaku Miiko 1
Namaku Miiko 2
Namaku Miiko 3
Namaku Miiko 4
Miiko Fan Book
Miracle Mermaid 01
Miracle Mermaid 02
Smille Himiko 01
Smille Himiko 02
Smille Himiko 03
7 Centi! Love & Friendship 1
7 Centi! Love & Friendship 2
7 Centi! Love & Friendship 3
My Beloved Bodyguard
May I Love You
Innocent Bride
Love Me If You Dare
Perfect Boy Falls in Love
First Love Promise

49 Days vol.3 (FULL COLOR)
Heartstring vol. 3 (FULL COLOR)
The Princess Man 1 (FULL COLOR)


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