Visual Industry Promotion Organization (as known as “VIPO”) co-organizing with The Agency of Cultural Affairs and Japan Foundation (JF) will hold Japanese Movies Screening Week (known as JAPAN CINEMA WEEK 2018) from December 7th – 16th 2018 at CGV Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

Unlike the previous years, Japan Cinema Week 2018 is a part of the commemoration of 60 years of Japan-Indonesia diplomatic relations. We hope the celebration of Japan Cinema Week 2018 will enhance the interest of Indonesian people about Japanese culture and contribute to the development of cultural tourism in Japan and also increase opportunity for Japanese movies screening in Indonesia.

In total there are 36 movies ready to be screened at Japan Cinema Week 2018, the movies are divided into six categories: New J-Director, New J-Film, “Samurai” Historical, “Kira-Kira” Teen, “Tokusatsu” Special Effect, and Documentary. Some of movie titles which will be shown: One Cut of the Dead, Pieta in the Toilet, Miss Hokusai, Let Me Eat Your Pancreas, GAMERA: The Guardian of the Universe and GODZILLA (1954). The movies that will be presented has been curated by the program selection committee, the Agency of Cultural Affairs, VIPO and Japan Foundation (JF).

Beside the movies screening, the organizer has also prepared interesting activities for public and filmmakers during Japan Cinema Week 2018, including Workshop on special effect movies (Tokusatsu), discussions with producers and actors from Japan, and symposiums by filmmakers from both countries. We expect the activities can improve quality of film industry in Indonesia and Japan.

Further information regarding Japan Cinema Week 2018 will be announced at the press conference, which will be held at CGV Grand Indonesia on November 27th 2018. We will also announce: A complete line-up of Japan Cinema Week 2018, guest stars list from Japan, and the chosen ambassador for the event.

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About VIPO

Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) is a non-profit organization established in 2005. VIPO supports the content industry mainly in the area of businesses focused on “Market Development” and “Human Resource Development” to make Japan’s content industry internationally competitive and to contribute to the growth of the Japanese economy. VIPO is trusted by The Agency of Cultural Affairs to run JAPAN CINEMA WEEK 2018 as the “Screening of Japanese Movie in Asia”.

About Japan Foundation

Established in October 1972, the Japan Foundation is an institution representing the Japanese government regarding cultural exchanges with various countries in the world. The Japan Foundation entered Indonesia in 1974 and since then has held many cultural activities in the country. Starting from the Japanese language courses, Movie screenings, to hold various seminars and talk shows related to Japanese culture.


Festival Date: Dec 07th – 16th 2018
Venue: CGV Grand Indonesia
Official Social Media:
Official Hashtag: #PSJ2018
Official Website:

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