Indosiar Presents a New Animated Show: Yokai Watch

The animated version of the popular Yokai-collecting franchise will be greeting viewers in Indonesia starting this Sunday.



Indonesian television station, Indosiar, has announced that they will be broadcasting the Yokai Watch anime starting from the Sunday, January 17. As it is planned, the anime will be aired every Sunday at 08.30 WIB (01.30 GMT).


Adapted from a game with the same title developed by Level-5, this series tells the story of Keita, a young boy who was looking for bugs at the woods. Keita then found a mysterious machine that led him to encounter the yokai named Whisper. Whisper gave Keita a device called the Yokai Watch, which enables him  to detect the presence of Yokai (some kind of ghost or monster) that are haunting humans. The game has also been adapted into comic series, which has recently been published by Elex Media Komputindo in Indonesia.

There is no information yet regarding the voice actors who would be involved in this anime. However, PT. Reka Citra Swhara (RCS) is reportedly has been involved to dub this series into Indonesian. RCS itself had often dubbed the series that were aired by Indosiar, such as Pokemon Best Wishes, Gintama and Fairy Tail.

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