Indonesian anime streaming service, Ponimu  now has simulcasted Demon Lord, Retry! or also known as Maou-sama, Retry! in Japanese. It was announced through their official Facebook page on July 1. Demon Lord, Retry! has aired for two episodes on Ponimu with new episodes comig every Wednesday at 2300 West Indonesia Time.

Here is the synopsis of Demon Lord, Retry! on Ponimu site:

Akira Oono, an ordinary working adult that you can meet anywhere, was thrown into another world while still logged in as “Maou” in a game. There, he met a young girl named Aku who was chased by a demon. “Maou” saved her from that demon, and started a journey together with her in that world. However, with the name “Maou” there’s no way they can travel peacefully. What is their adventure in this new world like?

The anime is adapted from Kurone Kanzaki’s novel originally posted on Shousetsuka ni Narou website before getting published by Futabasha. The adaptation is produced at studio Ekachi Epilka with Hiroshi Kimura directing and starring Kenjiro Tsuda as Akira Oono.

Starting its service on July 31, Ponimu is an anime streaming service that aims to bring simulcasted anime with high quality for Indonesian audience. The services had already simulcasted some anime with Indonesian subtitles, Including Merc StoriAMs. Vampire who Lives in My Neighborhood, and Meiji Tokyo Renka. They also streamed some anime series that are not simulcasted like Girls und Panzer, Tari-Tari, Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, and Indonesian animation like Bandung Lautan Api.

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