As one of the biggest comic market events in the world, Comic Market (Comiket) returns again in 2019, ahead of the 2020 Olympics.

With the changing times (this year Japan is entering the Reiwa era) and the changing patterns of media consumption and production, the Comiket committee remains consistent in maintaining Comiket as a place to express “feelings” for its participants. Ahead of 2020 Summer Olympics, starting this year Comiket will last for 4 days, namely from Friday (8/8) to Monday (12/8). Due to the renovation process being carried out on the east side of Big Sight, the event will take place in the western side of Tokyo Big Sight for doujin goods and Aomi Exhibition Hall for corporate goods.

Every year, the implementation of Comiket requires huge amounts of paper, so the committee cooperates with the Forest Culture Foundation and sets aside some of the profits. Art by Katsurai Yoshiaki. (Comic Market Preparation Committee)
Comiket 96 official poster. Art by Sora Nijihashi. (Comic Market Preparation Committee)
Volunteer meeting and briefing. (Comic Market Preparation Committee)

The committee estimates that this year’s Comiket will take place under the heat of the Japanese summer with a forecast of 35 degrees Celsius and sunny Friday-Saturday, and the potential for rain on Sunday and Monday. The Comiket operating area has been organized since Thursday at 9 am for the participating circles’ tables, and since Wednesday night at 10 pm for the corporate booths located in Aomi. There are 4,000 tables and 16,000 participant seats prepared and 128 corporate booths that will participate.

Setting up the circle tables and chairs. (Comic Market Preparation Commitee)
Taking measurements for the corporate booth setup. (Comic Market Preparation Commitee)

To anticipate changes in the venue which are quite far away from each other (the distance between Aomi and Big Sight is around 1 km or 20 minutes on foot), the committee prepared a number of portable toilets to help visitors.

See you at Comic Market 96!

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