Comiket 96 is now entering its second day. For the first Comiket event which lasts four days from Friday (9/8) to Monday (12/8), the enthusiasm of the visitors looks the same as previous times.

Due to to the increasing costs of venue and for safety reasons (in anticipation of the threat of arson), there is a change in the way to enter Comiket. The most obvious one is the presence of an entrance wristband worth 400 yen per day (Rp. 52,000) and inspection process for visitors. Besides being sold in bookstores and bundled with catalogs, visitors are also given the opportunity to buy the wristbands on the spot not only to enter the venue on that day, but also to enter the venue on the third and fourth day.

Visitors came since 5am to be the first in the line. (Comic Market Preparation Commitee)

The number of visitors on the first day was approximately around 160,000 people, while on the second day, the visitors reached 170,000 people. Every day, there are around 8,300 circles participating and 128 companies opening commercial booths in the Aomi area.

For visitors who want to find or to take photos with cosplayers, this year visitors can also visit the Disaster Prevention Exhibition area which is held opposite the Tokyo Big Sight on the east side. In this area, a number of cosplayers from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order get together and sing FGO songs together.

In addition, the topic of highlight this time is the rise of virtual YouTuber (VTuber). In the corporate area, various companies are displaying their VTuber, opening new opportunities and opportunities to enrich interaction with visitors.

Taking place under a temperature reaching 30 degrees, it is advised to the visitors to maintain their health so they can enjoy Comiket until the end.

A volunteer cleaning up the trash from the event. (Comic Market Preparation Commitee)
Crowd gathered at the commercial goods booth. (Comic Market Preparation Commitee)

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