Set in a fictionalized 19th century China where culinary masters battle to become the greatest, the story follows the journeys of Liu Maoxing, a cooking prodigy and also the youngest to hold the title of “Super Chef”. Along the way, he encounters other chefs with a plethora of cooking styles and ingredients as they struggle to reach the top of the culinary world in this “cooking battle” anime.


Caesar E.S. (The Indonesian Anime Times)

This one’s a hell of a nostalgia trip! Viewers who grew up in the 90s might recognize this title right away. True Cooking Master Boy adapts the manga of the same name, which picks up where it’s prequel Cooking Master Boy left off. Indeed, Etsushi Ogawa’s cooking manga was first adapted into animation as Cooking Master Boy in 1997, well over 20+ years ago. 

A lot has changed in 20+ years, but the setup of True Cooking Master Boy still proves to be just as entertaining as it was 20 years ago: hot-blooded chefs duke it out to see who comes on top of the culinary stage. It’s a successful recipe for a show that’s to sure to entertain in any medium, whether it’s from yesteryear’s Iron Chef, to today’s MasterChef.

What’s already a fine meal is elevated even more so with True Cooking Master Boy‘s colorful culinary reaction scenes. In fact, the title was a pioneer of the trope that no doubt in part influenced the more over-the-top reactions you can see in newer shows such as Yakitate!! Japan and Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma.

But that’s not all True Cooking Master Boy has going for it, as the updated character designs truly help bring a modern look to the show. While Etsushi Ogawa’s manga art had a very illustrative feel to it, the show has a softness to its visuals that’s also matched by the colors. Everything, including the food, is appealing to look at. Whether you’re familiar or new to the series, if you’re a fan of food, then this is the show that will satisfy your cravings each week.

Facts and Figures

Alternative Title(s) 真・中華一番!
Source Material Manga by Etsushi Ogawa
Casts Ai Kayano as Meili
Junya Enoki as Fei
Natsumi Fujiwara as Mao
Tomokazu Sugita as Leon
Yukiyo Fujii as Shirou
Yuuichi Nakamura as Shell
Director ​Itsuro Kawasaki (Arc the Lad, Shining Hearts)​
Series Composition Itsuro Kawasaki
Character Design Saki Hasegawa​
Music Jun Ichikawa
Opening Theme “Kōfukuron” by Qaiff​
Studio NAS
Production I.G.
Official Site
Broadcast Date 11 October 2019, (1725 GMT/0025 WIB/0225 JST)​

Screenshots and Trailer

© Etsushi Ogawa・Kodansha/「Shin・Chuuka Ichiban!」Production Commitee
© Etsushi Ogawa・Kodansha/「Shin・Chuuka Ichiban!」Production Commitee
© Etsushi Ogawa・Kodansha/「Shin・Chuuka Ichiban!」Production Commitee

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