Why do you want to become a voice actress?

I have loved anime ever since I was a child. But in middle school, there was a time when it was difficult for me to make friends in my neighborhood. I would skip school and I tend to stay in my bedroom. One time, I just turned on my computer and watched an episode of Gintama and it just totally blew my mind. It changed my life. From there I really got into anime and started liking voice actors. I felt I wanted to be somebody that could give somebody happiness like the anime characters, and I think that becoming a voice actress is the closest way to do that.

Are there any other jobs that you considered before you wanted to be a voice actress?

My parents always wanted me to be a doctor. But you need the brains and knowledge to be a doctor. So I was like, “okay, that’s not happening” (laughing).

I don’t know. I’ve always really liked idols. I never really had a set goal of making an idol my occupation. It was always like a dream, like a fantasy. So, working as a voice acting idol it feels like both my dreams come true at the same time.

Have you ever thought about doing voice acting overseas?

My main goal is to be a voice actress in Japan, but I love voice acting in general. So, I don’t really have a set place that I wanna work. If people overseas tells me they like my voice and want me to voice certain characters overseas, I would most definitely take it.

Do you like playing games? What kind of games do you play?

I play a lot of otome games, but I’m not allowed to say them, so I’m gonna keep the titles secret (laughs). Me and other members also play Mario Kart on iPhone. I am the best out of everybody (laughs).

Do you have any favourite anime from the 2000 era?

There’s some like Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Gash Bell, Gintama, Naruto, a lot of shounen anime, ’cause my brother watches anime too. Oh, God, there’s too many! But Gintama is my favorite, and it started in 2006, so I guess it’s my favorite.

On Twitter, you describe yourself as “Gintoki/Kuroo Enthusiast”. It seems like you really like Gintama?

Gintoki? He just looks really cool. Also, he’s so laid back. But in the serious arcs he becomes super cool . That duality is what makes me love him.

You are known as a voice actress who can speak English fluently. Do you think being able to speak English helps you both in your work life and daily life?

As a voice actress, it only gives me positive responses. I use it to communicate with a lot of people overseas. But in my private life, I tend to use English when I want to get out of situations. You know like, when I go shopping and the employee talks to me in Japanese. I am really shy in person, so I pretended to only know English to get out that situation (laughing).

As someone who spends childhood overseas, do you have any difficulties adapting to Japanese life?

For me the culture shock is that Japanese people didn’t know what memes were at first. They still, I think, don’t know what memes are. Whatever I say, people actually take it literally, not thinking it was a joke. They also don’t have sarcasm, as much. so it’s hard to really communicate which are jokes and which are what I actually mean it.

But I’d say, making friends in Japan really let me involved in the community. I went to Japan alone, and I didn’t know anybody, so I couldn’t really go to social gatherings without having a Japanese person introduce me to anybody. Communication is key and making one friend is a start for everybody.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to live in Japan and want to work in their entertainment industry?

If you want to work in Japan, Well, first of all, try to befriend and communicate with Japanese people. When I first came to Japan I was alone and didn’t know anyone. I think communication is the key here. Sometimes it is better to introduce yourself first.

After you became a voice actress, do you have any unforgettable experience with fans?

There was a fan who cried when she met me. She said I gave her inspiration to pursue her dream to become a voice actress. She was not a voice actress back then and her English was also quite good. But there were a lot of people who bullied her. But after knowing that I came from Los Angeles to become a voice actress, she became inspired to pursue that dream

Now that you already became a voice actress, do you have any other dreams that you want to pursue?

If I can draw, I want to be a comic artist or illustrator

The Indonesian Anime Times | Interview by Tanto Dhaneswara dan Fathur Akiyama | Translation by Dany Muhammad | The answers in the interview have been slightly modified for clarity


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