Shin-Ei Animation Co., Ltd. (Address: Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Representative: Michihiko Umezawa, hereinafter “Shin-Ei Animation”) And AlphaBoat LLC. (Address: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative: Nishitani Daizo, hereinafter “AlphaBoat”) have begun a collaborative effort to create and operate an official YouTube channel for the immensely popular anime series Oishinbo (the original manga was written by Tetsu Kariya (雁屋哲) and drawn by Akira Hanasaki (花咲アキラ). AlphaBoat will be managing the official YouTube channel and the official Twitter, as well as providing copyright management services.

Oishinbo is a very popular cooking manga by Tetsu Kariya and drawn by Akira Hanasaki. The main characters are the culinary journalist Shirō Yamaoka and his partner (and later wife), Yūko Kurita. The manga was about solving various people’s problems through food while aiming to create “the ultimate menu”. The series was serialized in “Big Comic Spirits” published by Shogakukan and sold a total of 135 million copies, sparking Japan’s gourmet manga boom.

The new official Oishinbo YouTube channel will be used to distribute (at no cost) past 121 episodes (subtitled in English) of the anime series that have been aired since October 17, 1988 on the Nippon Television Network in their original order. In addition to the regular episodes, special videos that can only be seen on the official YouTube channel will also be distributed.

To commemorate the launch of the channel, the creator of the series, Tetsu Kariya, has commented on the launch of the channel, expressing his hopes for its distribution on YouTube.

Tetsu Kariya’s comment

“Finally, you can watch “Oishinbo” on YouTube. With the digital remastering, the scenes are extremely beautiful. Fans, please enjoy it. I’m going to enjoy it as well.”

The Official Oishinbo YouTube Channel

Distribution Schedule

First Episode : October 2, 18:30
First Month: 3 episodes each on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Ensuing months: 2 episodes each on Wednesday, and Friday

YouTube channel URL

Official Twitter

Tetsu Kariya (雁屋哲) (Original Story)

Born in 1941, manga artist and essayist. Graduated from the University of Tokyo’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and in 1974 began serializing Otoko-gumi (drawn by Ryoichi Ikegami) in Shukan Shonen Sunday, and began his career as a dramatist) The book became a huge hit, with a cumulative total of over 135 million copies sold.

Akira Hanasaki (花咲アキラ) (Drawing)

Born in 1956, manga artist. She made her debut as a manga artist in 1981 with The Voyage of Shinpei, which was selected for the 11th Shogakukan Newcomer Comic Award. Her other works include Nobo no Shiro (original story by Ryu Wada) and so so.

Shin-Ei Animation Co., Ltd.

Founded in Tokyo in 1976, Shin-Ei Animation is a Japanese animation studio with deep roots that will be celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2021.

Shin-Ei Animation creates various TV series, movie adaptations, video distributions as well as various anime works. Major works include Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, and Atashin’chi.

Shin-Ei Animation is also involved in licensing, such as managing both the international and domestic sales of created works and their distribution in video form.

Shin-Ei Animation focuses its efforts on creating video content that people of all ages can enjoy and derivative projects involving not only works currently being aired but past works as well.

Official Website:

AlphaBoat, LLC

Company name : ALPHABOAT LLC
President: Daizo Nishitani
Year of establishment: 2018
Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Business description: Planning, production and production of digital contents, Creator management and marketing services
Official website:

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