Indonesian game developer Studio Namaapa has announced the release of their latest game, Seaside Cafe Story. The game has been released on November 4, 2020, and is available on Steam and The game is priced IDR 48,999 on Indonesian Steam store and USD 5.99 on US Steam store and

In the Seaside Cafe Story, the player will manage a cafe on a remote island. Starting from a simple cart, the player has to develop the business into a successful cafe and makes local residents happy. Depending on the player’s choice, they could make their own story and start another cafe business in other islands.

Here are the game features as listed on their steam page:

  • Develop your cooking skills and specialize on cooking certain type of dish or just master all of them.
  • Manage the delicious and enticing food and drinks you are going to serve to the island’s prospective customers.
  • Design and decorate your cafe with various decorations to cater to the increasing taste of your clientele.
  • Interact with your customers, reject outrageous demand or find the middle ground? Your choice!
  • Discover the story of the island.

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Based in Jakarta, Studio Namaapa is an indie developer formed by two people, Rizki (Numfank Lewhat) as designer/illustrator and Jason Vendy (wltr3565) as programmer. Studio Namaapa first published their game, Nusakana, in 2015 using RPG Maker Engine. This year, they have also released Ciel Fledge, a game about raising a daughter.

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