Elex Media Komputindo has announced that they will release a comic created by Tomoya Haruno titled Maousama Chotto Sore Totte!!

Released in Indonesia with title Raja Setan, Ambilin Itu Dong!, this comic will be available by March 23rd, 2016 priced Rp. 20.000.

Here is a short synopsis about this comic:

Finally, Hero and his comrades has defeated and sealed the legendary Demon King and turned back peace into the world. But, as the price of that victory, Magician, one of Hero’s comrades was also sealed together with Demon King in an another dimension “cage”, and both of them had lost their magic power. This is the story of finding a way to get out, and also a start of eternal oppression to the defenseless Demon King.

It’s available at nearest book store in Indonesia from Wednesday (23/03). 

The Indonesian Anime Times


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