The Research Center for Area Studies of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)is collaborating with The Japan Foundation Jakarta to hold an international seminar titled Japanese Studies in Indonesia: Crisis and Reorientation. The online seminar is to be held from 22 to 23 September 2021 via Zoom. While the seminar is open for the public, participants are required to register on the link provided in the announcement posts on The Japan Foundation Jakarta social media account.

The seminar will feature keynote lectures by Professor Christine R. Yano from the University of Hawaiʻi and the author of The Otaku Encyclopedia and The Moe Manifesto Patrick W. Galbraith. Here is the schedule for the seminar:

  1. Day one:
  • Keynote lecture: “Global Japans: New Old Perspectives on a Changing Field” by Professor Christine R. Yano from the University of Hawaiʻi.
  • “Japanese Studies in Southeast Asia” with Leng Leng Thang from the National University of Singapore and Fadjar Ibnu Thufail from the Center for Area Studies LIPI.

2. Day two:

  • Keynote lecture: “Areas of Critique: On Studying Unpopular Culture in Japan and Beyond” by Patrick W. Galbraith from Senshu University.
  • “Precarities in Japanese Popular Culture” with Karl Ian U. Cheng Chua from Ateneo de Manila University and Upik Sarijati from the Center of Area Studies LIPI.
  • “Social Organization of Indonesian Diaspora Communities in Japan” with Kazufumi Nagatsu of Toyo University and Firman Budianto from the Center of Area Studies LIPI.
  • “The Future of Japanese Studies in Indonesia: The Japan Foundation’s View” with Purwoko Adhi Nugroho of The Japan Foundation Jakarta.
  • The Positioning of LIPI’s Area Studies” with the Director of the Center for Area Studies LIPI Ganewati Wuryandari.

The seminar is held to commemorate 10 years of the Japanese Studies Program at LIPI and its integration into the newly inaugurated National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). More details about the seminar sessions, schedules, and registration links have been posted on The Japan Foundation Jakarta‘s social media accounts.

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