10th February 2023 – This February, Indonesia plays host to the ULTRA HEROES TOUR SOUTH EAST ASIA from February 10th till 26th 2023 at the Mall of Indonesia.

The event is brought to you by Bandai Spirits Co Ltd in association with Bandai Namco Asia Co Ltd, under the auspices of its brand, Tamashii Nations. With its many exciting highlights, the ULTRAMAN Figure Tour is set to capture the imagination of ULTRAMAN fans, many of whom have grown up watching this iconic Japanese live-action series.

Event highlight 1: A Giant Ultraman Decker statue

Visitors will be among the first to meet ULTRAMAN DECKER, the latest release of the highly popular Ultraman series, currently broadcasting worldwide.

Grab the opportunity to capture that once-in-a-lifetime photo with the human-size ULTRAMAN DECKER STATUE. It towers 2 meters high and has been sculpted based on ‘S.H.Figuarts’, the flagship figure line of the Tamashii Nations brand.

Event highlight 2: Ultra Stage Show with special interview clips

Experience the adrenalin rush at the ULTRAMAN LIVE SHOW featuring ULTRAMAN DECKER and ULTRAMAN TRIGGER and their action-packed battle with monster SATANDELOS. Happening at 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm each Saturday (11th, 18th, and 25th February) and Sunday (12th, 19th, and 26th February)*, visitors will witness some cinematic-type action up close and live.

*The above schedule is subject to change without notice in advance.

Also, don’t miss the special video featuring Japanese stars, Hiroki Matsumoto who acts as Kanata Asumi on ULTRAMAN DECKER, and Raiga Terasaka who plays Kengo Manaka on ULTRAMAN TRIGGER.

Event highlight 3: TAMASHII NATIONS line up & Merchandise

You will also get to feast your eyes on the impressive dioramas which promise realistic scenes from the ULTRAMAN series. The Indonesia tour promises a spectacular line-up of new, upcoming, and event-exclusive ULTRAMAN collectable figures from S.H.Figuarts and Tamashii Nations Box by Tamashii Nations. Fans and collectors can expand their figure collection (or for new fans to start collecting) at the merchandise sales corner and enjoy some TAMASHII NATIONS limited gifts with their purchases.

Among the highlights of the key products are:

TAMASHII NATIONS BOX Ultraman ARTlized – Here He Comes, Our Ultraman

Available for purchase at this event.

The very first TAMASHII NATIONS BOX is ULTRAMAN. It’s the debut of ARTlized, an all-new series that pays homage to the first generation of SD Ultraman characters from the 1980s and 1990s. Eight figures are included in the assortment with one secret figure! They are perfect for collectors or simply to brighten up your living space.


S.H.Figuarts is one of the famous brands of Tamashii Nations, which creates 6-inch movable action figures with “Tamashii Digital Coloring Technology” as well as “Digital Modelling”. S.H.Figuarts Ultraman line-ups are displayed at this event, such as Ultraman Decker, Trigger, Tiga, etc.


Available for purchase at this event

This Ultraman is based on the comic ‘THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN’. Designed with blue and black shadows at key points of its body gives it the characteristic appearance as seen in the comic.


Event exclusive item, Available for purchase at this event

From ‘Ultraman Decker’, this figure is about 150mm in height and comes with 4 replacement pieces – left and right wrists, a red colour timer, and an Ultra dimension card.

Apart from the Ultraman lineup, from the pop-up store you could also find loads of collectables figures of the greatest hit anime recently, including but not limited to One Piece, Masked Rider and Gundam items. In addition, a Tiga statue sculpted based on the image from Tamashii Nations Box will welcome its first debut in Indonesia too.

TAMASHII NATIONS limited gifts

Receive TAMASHII NATIONS limited cube in TAMASHII SPOT by purchasing a min. IDR 350.000 of Tamashii Nations products  in the event booth.

The visitor who answers the survey & likes the “Tamashii Nations South Asia” official Facebook page & post, could receive TAMASHII NATIONS’ original gifts.

Fans can check the latest information on the South East Asia Tour, on ULTRAMAN and the Figuarts at:

Admission to the ULTRAMAN ULTRA HEROES TOUR SOUTH EAST ASIA is free. Opening hours are 10 am – 10 pm daily. Visitors must be aged 15 years and above and those under this age must be accompanied by a guardian.

Event Information

  • Period:10th (Fri) – 26th (Sun) February 2023
  • Venue:Mall of Indonesia | Atrium 1B
  • Time:10:00~22:00
  • Entry Fee: Free

*This event and the related products are targeted at 15 years old customers or older.

Ultra Stage Show Schedule

Date 1st round 2nd round 3rd round
11th February 13:00 15:00 17:00
12th February 13:00 15:00 17:00
18th February 13:00 15:00 17:00
19th February 13:00 15:00 17:00
25th February 13:00 15:00 17:00
26th February 13:00 15:00 17:00

*The above schedule is subject to change without notice in advance.


Based in Tokyo Japan, TAMASHII NATIONS is a premiere collectables brand from Bandai, dedicated to creating high-quality figures. Brands include METAL BUILD, S.H.Figuarts, Soul of Chogokin & The Robot Spirits etc.

Official Facebook “Tamashii Nations South Asia”:

BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd. Collectors Toy Department Official HP:


Decker is the Giant of Light that protagonist Kanata Asumi transforms into. His basic form is called the Flash Type, and he can Type Change into the physically powerful Strong Type and the supernaturally powerful Miracle Type.

Height: 55 meters

Weight: 45000 tons (same for all three forms)


After sealing away the Giants of Darkness who rampaged through the world in the Ultra-Ancient times to the far ends of space, Trigger turned into a stone statue on Mars but is revived when Kengo merged with the Giant’s statue. Since then, Kengo transforms into Trigger with the “GUTS Sparklence”. TRIGGER has the ability to Type Change into other forms, such as Power Type and Sky Type. He fights with a diverse array of beam attacks, as well as the sacred weapon “Circle Arms” which can transform into a sword, claw, and arrow.

Height: 53 meters

Weight: 44,000 tons

For a complete range of Ultraman characters, check https://tsuburaya-prod.com/heroeslist.

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