Indonesian TV station Rajawali Televisi (RTV) has revealed the premiere date for Ultraman Z and Kamen Rider Gaim, the 2020 and 2013 entries to the long-running Ultraman and Kamen Rider series respectively. In an ad for its May programs posted on its social media, RTV has confirmed that both Ultraman Z and Kamen Rider Gaim will both start airing on Monday, 24 May 2021. Kamen Rider Gaim will air starting at 2030 West Indonesia Time in the evening, while the timeslot for Ultraman Z has yet to be announced.

Previously, RTV has also held a livestreamed talkshow on Instagram on 7 May 2021 featuring guests Takaya Aoyagi (Captain Hebikura from Ultraman Z) and Sean Nichols (Sean White from Ultraman Max) as part of the channel’s 7th Anniversary celebration and to promote the upcoming airing of Ultraman Z, where it was also first revealed that Ultraman Z will air on RTV in May. Four days later, RTV also posted a special video message from actor Kohshu Hirano as the show’s protagonist Haruki Natsukawa, telling fans to look forward to watching Ultraman Z.

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Ultraman Z tells the story of Ultraman Z, a young Ultra cadet of the Inter Galactic Defense Force and self-proclaimed disciple of Ultraman Zero. While pursuing a space monster to Earth, he befriends and bonds with Haruki Natsukawa, a pilot of the anti-monster robot force STORAGE, to save his life. Fighting alongside the giant robots of STORAGE against the incoming invasion of giant monsters, Haruki and Z fights together to protect the Earth as Ultraman Z.

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Kamen Rider Gaim tells the story of a young man named Kouta Kazuraba who is part of a dance crew named Team Gaim. Through a mysterious item that’s been all the craze among the feuding dance crews called Lockseeds, Kouta stumbles upon a portal into a mysterious forest infested by monsters called the Invess. Finding the Sengoku Driver and Orange Lockseed there, he transforms into Kamen Rider Gaim and is able to fight the monsters back. Kouta and his friends must figure out the truth behind the Lockseed, and the Invess that are attacking the town through the portals.

RTV has previously aired Ultraman TaigaUltraman R/BUltraman GeedUltraman Orb, Ultraman X, Ultraman Ginga and Ginga S, Ultraman Zero the Chronicle, Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Cosmos, Ultraman Max, and Ultraseven X. RTV has also aired Kamen Rider Ex-Aid from September to November 2019, Kamen Rider Build from February to March 2020, and Kamen Rider Black from August to October 2020. The shows are also streamed on RTV’s YouTube channels.

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