Indonesian TV station Rajawali Televisi (RTV) has announced that it will start airing Kamen Rider Build, the 2017 entry to the long-running Kamen Rider series. The station has previously also aired Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, as well as other tokusatsu shows such as Ultraman R/B, Lupinranger VS Patranger, and Power Rangers Ninja Steel with Indonesian dubs.

Through their website and social media, RTV has confirmed that Kamen Rider Build will air daily from Monday-Sunday, beginning on February 20, 2020. The show will air starting at 19.30 WIB in the evening, in the same timeslot that Kamen Rider Ex-Aid was also aired in.

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Kamen Rider Build originally aired in Japan from September 3, 2017 until August 26, 2018 with a total of 49 episodes on TV Asahi as part of it’s Super Hero Time block. Kamen Rider Build is the 19th Heisei Rider show, and the 28th Kamen Rider show overall counting from the original Kamen Rider. The series is directed by Ryuta Tasaki (Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider W), with Shogo Muto (Crows Zero) responsible for the scripts, and stars Atsuhiro Inukai as Sento Kiryu, who transforms into the eponymous hero.

©Toei • TV Asahi

Kamen Rider Build tells the story of an alternate reality where Japan has been divided into three states called Touto, Hokuto, and Seito by the massive “Skywall”, a phenomenon that occurred after the opening of a mysterious artifact known as “Pandora’s Box” that was recovered from Mars. Ten years after the incident, amnesiac genius Sento Kiryu works as a scientist at Touto National Research Institute, while also living under the care of cafe owner Souichi Isurugi and his daughter, Misora Isurugi.

In secret, Sento protects Touto from monsters called “Smash” as the hero “Kamen Rider Build”, transforming using the “Fullbottles” and the “Build Driver” that he develops with the help of Misora’s ability to purify the Smash. One day, he meets fugitive Ryuuga Banjou, on the run under suspicion of murder, who also fell victim to human experimentation by the secret organization known as “Faust” just as he had been. Deciding to help him escape and prove his innocence, Sento fights as Kamen Rider Build to protect the people of Touto and to uncover the mystery behind the Smash, Faust, and their relation to the incident that began it all ten years ago.

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