Masked Rider Black, the 8th show in the long-running tokusatsu series Kamen Rider has been aired on the Indonesian TV station Rajawali Televisi (RTV) since August 2020. In addition to airing the show, RTV also uploaded the Indonesian-dubbed episodes of the show on its official YouTube channel, Masked Rider Indonesia RTV. At the time of this writing, six episodes have been uploaded to the channel.

As with other anime and tokusatsu shows aired on RTV, the show is being broadcasted with Indonesian dubbing, produced at Studio Erfas, with its experience of dubbing many other foreign series that have aired on Indonesian TV stations such as Indosiar, ANTV, and TV7. The cast for the dub comprised of Indonesian voice actors Rudi Sukistiyono, Tri Adi, Ojay S. Surianata, Bonar, and Wan Leony Mutiarza, some of whom were even involved with the earlier Indonesian dub of the show that aired in 1991.

Kamen Rider Black is a tokusatsu TV show that is part of the Kamen Rider series and aired in Japan in 1987. It stars Tetsuo Kurata as Kotaro Minami, the titular hero Masked Rider Black who fights the evil organization called Gorgom that aims to rule the world. This series previously aired in Indonesia in 1991 on the TV channel RCTI, and in 2004 on Indosiar, both of which aired the series with the title Satria Baja Hitam (Black Armored Knight), by which it remains affectionately known to Indonesian audiences. The series gained massive popularity in Indonesia and is still popular among fans to this day.

Previously in February, RTV also showed a teaser that hinted at plans to air Masked Rider Black RX (1988), the sequel series to Masked Rider Black. However, no further information has been confirmed on whether RTV plans to follow up with airing Masked Rider Black RX series as well.

The Indonesian Anime Times | Text by Dody Kusumanto | Translation by Caesar E.S |

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