In 21st century Japan, due to policies to reduce rice acreage and to diversify sources of carbohydrate, the popularity of rice is in a crisis. Inaho Academy, an educational institution was founded to increase the popularity of rice. Hinohikari was one of the new students attending to Inaho Academy. However, during the entrance ceremony, the chairman of Inaho Academy announced that Inaho Academy will be closed.


In this first episode, Love Kome already has an interesting premise about the declining popularity of rice, but somehow it is still unclear how the story will develop in this short anime. Other than that, this anime is filled with bishonen character that may appeal to bishonen fans. One of the most interesting part in this anime is the ending sequence which features a cooking video from Cookpad about how to cook a variety of rice-based dishes. Love Kome may be good for bishonen fans or for those who want to know more about how to cook rice in different ways.

Facts and Figures

Alternative title Love Kome: We Love Rice, Love Rice
Source material Original anime series
Casts Chiharu Sawashiro as Nishiki Sasa
Genki Okawa as Carry
Hippo as Camembert
Junya Enoki as Ann
Kaori Saito as Guruko
Mark Ishii as Hikari Hino
Miho Masaka as Koro-ane
Natsuko Hara as Mana-musume
Nina Tamaki as Maru Niko
Rico Sasaki as Gurue
Saori Murakita as Gurumi
Shūta Morishima as Kurowa
Sousuke Souma as Bore Hitome
Tomokazu Sugita as Priest Chinko
Yuuto Suzuki as Shock
Director Takashi Horiuchi
Script Takashi Ifukube
Character design Levin Aoi (original)
Tomoyo Sawada (animation)
Opening theme “Roman Hikō ~Love Kome ver.~” by Love Rice
Studio Encourage Films
Official site
Twitter @lovekome_anime
Broadcast date 5 April 2017 (2245 JST/ 2045 WIB/ 1345 GMT)

Screenshots and Trailer

© Hara 8-bunmei Production Committee
© Hara 8-bunmei Production Committee

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