Once upon a time, a girl was appointed as a new manager at an apartment owned by her relatives. Her relatives offered the position to help her as she has no luck at job hunting. But this apartment isn’t an ordinary apartment, because there lives 3 handsome guys to accompany the new manager girl with their own unique personalities and background.


If in the last season One Room offered to entertain male audience, and now it’s time for you who like handsome guys to enjoy Room Mate, the “Side M” of One Room series. From the same creator and creative team, Room Mate offers the same P.O.V narration style like One Room. But instead of three girls, now there are three handsome guys. There are also some sensual scenes in this first episode to fuel up some fantasies. There are some shots which looks really intentional to set up the fanservice in this first episode, like the ones which focus on the dripping sweat from one of the guys, and also exposing the athletic body of the guy in this anime. In this first episode, audience will be introduced to each of the adorable guy in this anime. Room Mate is a short anime series to fulfill the inner desire of those who like handsome guys.

Facts and Figures

Alternative Title ルームメイト, Room Mate – One Room Side M
Source material Original series, One Room spin-off
Casts Kousuke Toriumi as Shinya Miyasaka
Natsuki Hanae as Aoi Nishina Tomoaki
Maeno as Takumi Ashihara
Director Takashi Sakuma
Scripts Aose Shimoi
Character design Hidari (original)
Chisato Nakata (animation)
Studio Typhoon Graphics
Official website
Twitter @Room_Mate_anime
Broadcast date 12 April 2017 (2240 JST/ 2040 WIB/ 1340 GMT)

Screenshots and Trailers

©SMIRAL/Room Mate Production Committee
©SMIRAL/Room Mate Production Committee
©SMIRAL/Room Mate Production Committee
©SMIRAL/Room Mate Production Committee

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