MSV Pictures, an animation studio based in Yogyakarta which previously worked on Battle of Surabaya, is now in production of its new 3D-animated film titled Ajisaka. In December 2017, the studio has opened staff recruitment for the project.

In the visual shared on MSV Pictures website, it is mentioned that this film will be released in 2019. Until this article was written, there is no further information regarding the exact date of the premiere.

As Battle of Surabaya, or also known as November 10th, has recently been made available on Amazon, in cooperation with  Fantastic Films International,  Ajisaka will also be screened worldwide. The trailer for the film can be seen on this link.

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The name Ajisaka was taken from a legendary Javanese character, wgo is believed to be the creator of the Javanese script, also known as Hanacaraka.

Previously, the project was titled as Fire and Ice: The Legend of Ajisaka, before it was changed to Ajisaka: The King and The Flower of Life.

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