MSV Pictures’ animation movie, Battle of Surabaya, has received an award during Noida International Film Festival 2016 in Noida, India. Also known as November 10th, the movie won the award in Best Feature Animation category.

Battle of Surabaya is an animated feature film by MSV Pictures, screened in cinemas all over Indonesia, as a way to commemorate Indonesia’s 70th year of independence. Taking place during the events on the 10th of November 1945, the movie tells us the story of Musa, a young shoe polisher working as a courier for the fighters at Surabaya during Surabaya’s great battle on the 10th of November 1945.

This animation movie has been screened in Indonesia last year. Read KAORI’s review of Battle of Surabaya here.

Additionally, Battle of Surabaya passed the “official selection” in Holland’s Animation Film Festival and soon will be screened in the Netherlands.

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