As reported previously, Battle of Surabaya, an animated movie created by MSV Pictures, will be back again in the form of shorts. In these shorts the characters will be represented in Chibi version. Now, the first episode of this anime, titled BoS The Series has been made available in Youtube.

Battle of Surabaya is an animated feature film produced by MSV Pictures. It has been screened widely in cinemas all around Indonesia to celebrate The 70th Independence Day of Indonesia. Set in the historical event of November 10th, 1945, this film told the adventure of Musa, a shoeshine boy who became a courier for the combatants of Surabaya and TKR army in a great battle of Surabaya on November 10th, 1945. A review for the film can be read through this link.

Since its first official release, Battle of Surabaya has won the Best Feature Animation award at Noida International Film Festival 2016 in India and Grand Prize at Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) 2016. The film has also been featured at the 16th Dingle International Film Festival in Ireland, Athens Animfest 2016 in Greece, and New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2016 in Japan. The film has also been made available to be watched on select airlines. The first episode of BoS the Series, titled Durian, can be viewed here:

BoS The Series is a short animation series that is also the spin-off from Battle of Surabaya. This film tells of the funny adventures of the characters from the movie. Set in Surabaya on 1945, Musa, Danu, Solehuddin, Irul Ambon, Mirah, John Wright, Kazuhiro, and Yumna lives their colorful and funny daily lif.

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