Life goes on for Kokonotsu and friends in his small town. His father still likes to leave the snack shop’s responsibility to him, Saya still can’t spit out her feelings to him, and of course, Hotaru still pops up at every possible excuse to talk about and have fun with snacks along with everyone.


Halimun Muhammad (The Indonesian Anime Times)

Dagashi Kashi continues into its second season pretty much straight into the routine of the characters discussing the appeal of the snacks that Hotaru brought, without the need to formally reintroduce the characters (that is done through showing how the characters interact with each other instead). Despite the change of staff and the shorter running time, it doesn’t really feel like there had been a break between the first and the second season at all.

Conveying the appeal of snacking still rests on how Hotaru’s charmingly pure and intensely hot-blooded passion for snacks plays out to unravel Kokonotsu’s more tsundere-ish attitude, or to sweep in Saya’s easily impressed character. A new character is set to appear in this second season, but she hasn’t made her debut yet in the first episode. It remains to be seen what colour she might add into the interactions of the existing characters surrounding snacks.

Facts and Figures

Source Material Manga by Kotoyama
Casts Atsushi Abe as Kokonotsu Shikada
Ayana Taketatsu as Hotaru Shidare
Chinatsu Akasaki as Hajime Owari
Keiji Fujiwara as You Shikada
Manami Numakura as Saya Endo
Tatsuhisa Suzuki as To Endo
Director Satoshi Kuwabara (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
Series Compsition Mayumi Morita (Young Black Jack)
Character Design Nana Miura (Young Black Jack)
Opening Theme Oh My Sugar Feeling!!” by Ayana Taketatsu
Closing Theme “Okashina Watashi to Hachimitsu no Kimi” by Hachimitsu Rocket
Studio Tezuka Productions
Official Site
Broadcast Date 11 January 2018 (1728 GMT), 12 January 2018 (0028 WIT, 0228 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

© Kotoyama, Shogakukan/Shikada Dagashi 2
© Kotoyama, Shogakukan/Shikada Dagashi 2
© Kotoyama, Shogakukan/Shikada Dagashi 2
© Kotoyama, Shogakukan/Shikada Dagashi 2

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