While a new Cardcaptor Sakura anime series has been airing in Japan since January, Indonesian TV channel INTV has been re-airing the original 1998 anime series. In addition to that, INTV has also uploaded the Indonesian-dubbed opening sequences of the anime on its YouTube channel.

The videos feature Indonesian–dubbed versions of Catch You Catch Me, the first opening theme originally sang by Gumi, and Tobira wo Akete (Open the Door), the second opening theme originally sang by ANZA.

The dubbed songs are produced by PT. Idola Citra Utama that originally dubbed the Cardcaptor Sakura anime in Indonesian for the TV channel TPI (now MNC TV) back in 2000. The performer of the Indonesian versions of the songs is not known for certain. There are some mentions that the singer was Beatrix Renita, however, the validity of the claim has yet to be confirmed.

Cardcaptor Sakura is a manga series created by CLAMP that was serialized in Nakayoshi magazine. The magical girl story follows an elementary schoolgirl named Sakura Kinomoto, who accidentally released the magic cards created by the wizard Clow Read and was tasked by the guardian beast of the cards, Keroberos, to recapture the cards back. Elex Media has published the manga in the 90s and has been republishing it in 2017.

The manga has been adapted into anime series in 1998 at studio Madhouse with Morio Asaka as director. The series was aired in Indonesia in 2000 on the TV channel TPI with Indonesian dub by PT. Idola Citra Utama. The series was then re-aired on the TV channel RCTI in 2003 with a different Indonesian dub. Regional TV channel Malang TV had also aired the anime. Currently, INTV is airing the anime series with the original PT. Idola Citra Utama dub.

CLAMP has been making the sequel manga Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card which has been serialized in Nakayoshi since 2016. The anime adaptation has been airing since January with Morio Asaka returning as director at studio Madhouse.

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