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Three sisters named Rin, Ritsu, and Rina try to survive on a ruined island in a world blanketed by red fog, plagued by attacks from mysterious beings called Red Bugs. One day, an unexpected encounter forces them to undertake a journey that might be their last.


Caesar E.S. (The Indonesian Anime Times)

The fan-favorite team of director TATSUKI and studio Yaoyorozu (Kemono Friends) are back with a vengeance! And with an interesting choice at that, as their second foray into a full-length TV anime is an adaptation of the staff’s previous work. The original Kemurikusa was an original net animation (ONA) released between 2010 and 2012 by TATSUKI’s independent animation group, irodori. That short went on to win the 24th CG Anime Contest in 2012.  New viewers need not worry though, as they can jump straight into the show without watching the ONA first.

But first let’s address the elephant in the room. Kemono Friends 2 is airing this season as well, but noticeably without TATSUKI and Yaoyorozu at the helm. Readers might still remember how the circumstances regarding that decision were cause for much controversy. I’m sure that many viewers are watching show expecting more of TATSUKI’s directorial touch based on his previous work in Kemono Friends, which was very well-received. That said, making comparisons between Kemurikusa, Kemono Friends, and Kemono Friends 2 seems unavoidable at this point.

Yet, fans of Kemono Friends will be delighted to know that many of the elements that made it such a compelling show can be found in Kemurikusa. From the amusing character interactions to a rich setting that’s hiding a lot more than it seems, Kemurikusa is off to a strong, solid, (if not slightly confusing) start that leaves viewers wanting to watch more. Also noticeably prominent is TATSUKI’s trademark use of far shots that emphasize the background, fleshing out the world and leaving details for eagle-eyed viewers to spot. Those hungry for more backstory can also watch the mini-episodes posted by TATSUKI on his Twitter account. By the end of the first episode, Kemurikusa promises to be another slow-burner journey that takes viewers through it’s seemingly bleak and moody world, always sprinkling enough hints of a larger story throughout to tantalize viewers, but never revealing just enough as to keep them curious to find out. And if this team’s previous work is anything to go by (which it absolutely is), then I’m all up for it.

Facts and Figures

Alternative Title(s) ケムリクサ
Source Material Originally a two-part ONA by TATSUKI and irodori.
Casts Arisa Kiyoto as Ritsu
Jiena Sumi as Rina
Kenji Nojima as Wakaba Tomomi
Mikako Komatsu as Rin
Director TATSUKI (Kemono Friends, Keifuku-san, Hentatsu)
Animation Director Yoshihisa Isa
Art Director Yūko Shiromizu
Animation Producer Yoshitada Fukuhara
Opening Theme “KEMURIKUSA” by nano
Studio Yaoyorozu (Kemono Friends)
Official Site
Broadcast Date 9 January 2019, (1:30 PM GMT/8:30 PM WIT/10:30 PM JST)


Screenshots and Trailer

©ヤオヨロズケムリクサプロジェクト/Yaoyorozu Kemurikusa Project
©ヤオヨロズケムリクサプロジェクト/Yaoyorozu Kemurikusa Project
©ヤオヨロズケムリクサプロジェクト/Yaoyorozu Kemurikusa Project
©ヤオヨロズケムリクサプロジェクト/Yaoyorozu Kemurikusa Project
©ヤオヨロズケムリクサプロジェクト/Yaoyorozu Kemurikusa Project

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