Due to the charges against writer Tatsuya Matsuki, Indonesian comic publisher m&c! has announced that they would no longer be publishing act-age manga in Indonesia. Through their social media, m&c! stated that they believe cancellation to be the best step to take as their moral obligation. While m&c! understands that fans would be disappointed by the announcement, they also stated that the decision has to be made after putting into account how sensitive the circumstances are.

Previously, m&c! has released the first volume of act-age in Indonesia, listed to be available on August 5, 2020, at the price of IDR 28,000 (about USD 1.92). Just 3 days later, on August 8, 2020, NHK reported that the manga writer Tatsuya Matsuki has been arrested because of indecent acts toward minors around the age of 12-15 years old.

The crime itself occurred in Nakano ward, Tokyo, on June 8, 2020. A suspect reportedly approached two minors using his bicycle and touched them inappropriately before fleeing the crime scene. The case was then reported to the police, where they analyzed footage of security cameras and identify Matsuki as the suspect. Another report was also filed to the police after another victim experienced the same kind of harassment. Matsuki himself admitted to the charges.

Because of the charge, Weekly Shonen Jump publisher Shueisha announced that they would cease publication for the act-age manga in Japan. Other projects related to the manga such as planned merchandising and a 2022 stage play adaptation called act-age ~Ginga Tetsudō no Yoru~ (act-age: Night on the Galactic Railroad) were also cancelled. It was also reported that both digital and physical versions of the manga has been withdrawn from circulation.

act-age manga in Indonesian bookstore (Photo by M. Razif Dwi Kurniawan)

act-age is a manga series by the team of Shiro Usazaki (illustration) and Tatsuya Matsuki (story). The manga was first published as a one-shot titled Welcome to Asagaya Art High School Film Section in 2017, before receiving serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2018.

act-age tells the story of Kei Yonagi, an impoverished high school student dreaming of becoming an actress. Despite failing auditions to join talent agency STARS, her performance manages to draw the attention of famed director Sumiji Kuroyama. Sumiji offers Kei to work with him in the studio he formed, Studio Daikokuten, which draws the ire of STARS CEO Arisa Hoshi, who deems Kei’s style of acting to be “too dangerous”.

The Indonesian Anime Times | Text by Dody Kusumanto | Translation by Caesar E.S

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