As it has beenannounced before, Katalis Pustaka now informs that the novel version of Makoto Shinkai’s work, Voices of Distant Star (Hoshi no Koe) will be released soon.

Right now, Katalis Pustaka has opened pre-order for that novel. Shipping will be done on April 25th, 2016, at the same time as the official release date of the novel.

Written by Yaku Oba and with illustration by Makoto Shinkai and Kou Yaginuma, Voices of Distant Star tells the story of Mikako and Noboru. Those two were close friends in their Middle School. On summer 2046, Mikako was selected by United Nations (UN) to become a delegate to explore the outer space. While Mikako went to space, Noboru continued his studies in University. Those two were communicating through a hand phone. The difference of distance and time made their messages takes long time to be received. How will their relationship goes?

Aside from this novel, Katalis Pustaka has also published another teaser of a novel that will be released soon. There are still no further information about this new novel.

With the price of Rp. 56,000 (around $5), those who order the novel through pre-order will get a special price of Rp. 44,800 (around $4)

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