On Tuesday (26/4) comic publisher m&c! announced their latest comic book release. Through their official facebook fanpages, m&c! posted some photos of Ao Haru Ride comic series. These photos also posted with a short statement “soon”.

In their facebook fanpages, m&c! posted 2 photos of Ao Haru Ride comic. Until this news released, there are no further information about release date of this comic.

Ao Haru Ride comic series started their serialization in monthly comic magazine since February 2011. The book version (Tankobon) had reached the 12th volume and released in Japan at 21 Desember 2014. In term of sales, this romance manga had reached 9.3 million copy in the end of 2014.

Ao Haru Ride tell a story about Futaba Yoshioka, a high school girl who tries to change her image so she can live a new life in high school. But fate lead Futaba to meet her childhood friend, Tanaka, in her high school. Futaba tries to confess her true feeling to Tanaka, who already change his name Kou Mabuchi.

In the summer 2014, or between July to October, Ao Haru Ride had been adapted into 12 episodes anime series by Production I.G. Ao Haru Ride also had been adapted into a live-action movie which released in the end of last year and earn 1,4 million Yen (about 12,6 thousand US Dollar) in 23 days after its release. This fantastic number lead Ao Haru Ride live-action movie adaptation become one of the most successfull shoujo manga (comic that targeted to young girls) movie adaptation in Japan.

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