On Thursday (31/3), Indonesian game developer Agate announced the release of their latest game Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2. Produced by PQube, the game is currently available as an early access game on Steam. On their website, PQube mentioned that they also plan to release the game on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Agate and PQube describe the game as a “Fantasy RPG School-Building Simulator”. Set in the world of Valthiria, the player has to train their student to become heroes that can save Valthiria from the dark forces that threaten it. Whether the students become magic benders or strong warriors who can destroy anything, it’s up to the player to decide.

Here is the list of the game features according to the PQube website:

  • Become the principal of a brand-new hero academy, make tough narrative-based decisions and run it your way.
  • Nurture brave young students, with RPG-like elements to reach their heroic potential.
  • Challenging turn-based combat with unique tactical puzzle mechanics makes fighting Valthira’s monsters even more thrilling!
  • Design your school from choosing and upgrading buildings to curating students’ course of study, improve your reputation and become a top-grade academy!
  • Explore a vibrant and dynamic world with many regions and factions – be wary of the monsters and creatures who roam the wild!

The game is a sequel to Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story and a part of the Valthirian Arc game series. The first game of the series, titled Valthirian Arc, is developed by Lucidrine in 2010 as a flash game. Later that year Lucidrine is merged with Agate, which continues the development of the series.

Founded in 2009, Agate is an Indonesian game studio based in Bandung, West Java. Other than the Valthirian Arc series, Agate also developed some games like Code Atma, Esports King, and Memories: My Story, My Choice. Currently, Agate is also in the development of Tirta, which is planned to be launched this year on PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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