The continuation of Rewrite. After the “apocalypse” happened, Kotarou started to realize the reality behind every strange phenomena that he had experienced. To prevent the next “apocalypse”, he then started to find out who actually “Kagari” was.


For those who have played the game of Rewrite before, you will realize that the first episode of this second season is the summary of the game itself: how Kotarou runs on a loop of death and revival,  living a different role every time he died, having various relationship with the heroines. The efforts to approach Kagari started to reveal its truth, after in the first season we were just given a little clue about it. Actually, the story of Rewrite becomes a little weird with the addition of alien, moon, world’s destruction, and anything related to it.  In one side, Key tries to create a dramatic atmosphere as we always seen on Key’s previous works (like Clannad or Air), but too many science-fiction elements added makes that dramatic atmosphere dissappear. The story becomes too serious, and the problems that the main character encounters  become bigger (to prevent apocalypse). But all those criticisms aside, these are what makes Rewrite interesting for its fans, and I myself (eventhough I am dissapointed with the development of the story) also curious for what will happen next, and how Kotarou would end the loop at the end of this winter.

Facts and Figures

Alternative Title
Original Work Visual Novel of the same name by Visual Art’s/Key
Chiwa Saito as Kotori Kanbe
Masakazu Morita as Kotarō Tennōji
Eri Kitamura as Akane Senri
Kana Hanazawa as Kagari
Keiko Suzuki as Shizuru Nanatsu
Risa Asaki as Lucia Konohana
Saya Shinomiya as Chihaya Ohtori
Director Tensho (Kin-Iro Mosaic, Gochumon wa Usagi desu ka?)
Series Composition Tensho (Kin-Iro Mosaic, Gochumon wa Usagi desu ka?)
Character Design Masayuki Nonaka (Bakuman, Black Bullet)
Opening Theme
Ending Theme
Studio 8-bit
Official Site
Twitter @rewrite_tv
Broadcast Date January 14 2017 (1430 GMT, 2130 WIB, 2330 JST)

Trailer and Screenshots

©VisualArt’s/Key/Rewrite Project
©VisualArt’s/Key/Rewrite Project
©VisualArt’s/Key/Rewrite Project
©VisualArt’s/Key/Rewrite Project

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