Ever cheerful, happy-go-lucky, Kasumi Toyama is a high school freshman looking for her “Star Beat”, a sparkling sound of the stars she heard once when she was little. When she’s undecided on the choice of school club, she stumbled upon a star-shaped guitar in a storage. Could that guitar help her find the “Star Beat”?


Idol anime is just not my cup-of-tea. But, don’t get me wrong because the first episode was decent enough. It tried to introduce the stake of the story, the main heroine’s desire as well as her personality. It tried hard to the main heroine stood out by giving her quirks, like being overly-excited, making someone she met for the first time calling her by the first name, making quite an “extraordinary” class introduction. It works too well, maybe, that she (Kasumi Toyama) didn’t feel quite real. She felt too detached with her overly excited personality. Her seemingly non-existed weak traits made it so hard to connect and empathize with her. She did lack something, tho, but it then was quickly resolved in the first episode. But don’t you worry, dear readers because it was decent enough if you were looking for a serene, easy-going series.

Facts and Data

Title バンドリ (Japanese)
Cast Aimi as Kasumi Toyama

Ayaka Ohashi as Saaya Yamabuki

Ayasa Itō as Arisa Ichigaya

Rimi Nishimoto as Rimi Ushigome

Sae Ootsuka as Tae Hanazono
Director Atsushi Ootsuki (To Love-Ru Darkness; Wagnaria!! 2)
Script Writer Yuniko Ayana
Character Design Matsuko Nitta
Opening Song “Dokimeki Experience! (ときめきエクスペリエンス!)” by Poppin’Party
Ending Song “Kira Kira datoka Yume datoka ~Sing Girls~ (キラキラだとか夢だとか ~Sing Girls~)” by Poppin’Party
Studio Xebec, Issen
Official Website

Screenshots and Trailer

©BanG Dream! Project
©BanG Dream! Project
©BanG Dream! Project

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