Picking up from the release of “Asymmetry e.p.” produced by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES’s Masayuki Nakano and ROVO’s Tatsuki Masuko, NEGOTO announced their 4th studio album to be released February 2017, where they continued working with both producers.

The album with 11 tracks will be including the TV anime “Gintama” ending theme song <DESTINY>, Masayuki Nakano (BOOM BOOM SATELLITES) produced “Asymmetry”, a yet to be released new song”Sigunaru” and Tatsuki Masuko produced “holy night”/ “cross motion” (to be released) etc. The first press limited edition will also include NEGOTO’s guitarist, Mizuki Masua’s remix tracks, <DESTINY> and <Asymmetry> music videos and behind the scenes making of both music videos.

NEGOTO’s most epoch-making album is set to release on February 1, 2017.

Here are the tracklist for the album:

-Track List-
02. Asymmetry
03. Signal
04. mellow
05. Kimi no Yume
07. cross motion
08. holy night
09. Ribbon

The release of this album will also be followed by a live performance, titled NEGOTO SOLO TOUR 2017 ETERNALBEAT」-ZERO- supported by cafe & pancakes gram. Here is the schedule:

OPEN19:00 /START 19:30

For the non-fan club members, the schedule are listed below:

2/03(Fri) KAGAWA : Takamatsu DIME OPEN 18:30/START 19:00

2/04(Sat) HIROSHIMA : Hiroshima Cave-Be OPEN 17:30/START 18:00

2/17(Fri) FUKUOKA : Fukuoka BEAT STATION OPEN 18:30/START19:00

2/19(Sun) OKAYAMA : Okayama CRAZYMAMA 2nd Room OPEN17:30/START18:00

2/26(Sun) NIIGATA : Niigata CLUB RIVERST OPEN17:30/START18:00

3/03(Fri) MIYAGI : Sendai MA.CA.NA OPEN18:30/START19:00

3/05(Sun) HOKKAIDO : Sapporo cube garden OPEN17:30/START18:00

3/11(Sat) OSAKA : Shinsaibashi BIG CAT OPEN17:00/START18:00

3/20(Mon) AICHI : Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO OPEN17:00/START18:00

3/24(Fri) TOKYO : Zepp DiverCity OPEN18:00/START19:00

Formed by 4 Heisei-born girls, Sachiko Aoyama(Vo/Key), Mizuki Masuda(Gt), Yu Fujisaki(Ba) and Sayako Sawamura(Dr), NEGOTO debuted in 2010 with a mini album “Hello! “Z”. Their first single “Charon” was picked up as a high-profile TV commercial song for the major mobile carrier, au, capturing them into instant fame and popularity in Japan. Further releases in 2012 and 2015 also saw their songs picked as theme songs for popular anime titles such as <Gundam> and <Gintama>.

The band is recognized by their fantastical pop-rock sounds engrained with a grungy, aggressive alternative rock sound, setting them apart from other girl bands and earning them the reputation as the “leaders of a new generation of all-girl rock bands”.NEGOTO has released 10 singles, 2 mini albums and 3 full albums to date. Since debut, they have been regulars in many major festivals in Japan such as Summer Sonic, Rock In Japan etc.

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