Tokusatsu drama series Satria Garuda Bima X, produced in collaboration between MNC Group from Indonesia and Ishimori Production from Japan, is set to have a feature film installment titled Satria Heroes: Revenge of Darkness. After series creator Reino Barack and actor Fernando Surya, who played the character Dimas Aksara/Satria Torga in the series, teased through their Instagram and twitter accounts that the film will debut on May 2017, the official film poster confirmed that the film will debut on May 4, 2017.

Heroes! The official poster of Satria Heroes: Revenge of Darkness is here. Can’t wait to see the film?

The casts from the TV series will reprise their roles in the films, with Christian Loho as Ray Bramasakti/Satria Garuda Bima X, Rayhan Febrian as Randy Iskandar, Aditya Alkatiri as Reza Bramasakti/Satria Azazel, and Fernando Surya as Dimas Aksara/Satria Torga.

Also casted for this film is the martial artist actor Yayan Ruhian, who has been well known for his roles in action films such as Merantau, The Raid, Yakuza Apocalypse, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yayan Ruhian is set to play the character Master Torga.

The film has also revealed an official teaser trailer during Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2017 on February 12, 2017. Yayan Ruhian is also shown in the trailer as Master Torga, exclaiming the word “berubah” (transform).

Satria Garuda Bima X is the sequel series to tokusatsu drama Bima Satria Garuda, produced by MNC Group and Ishimori Production. The story began when an Earth scientist created a gate to another world. The evil organization Vudo, which ruled a dark world without sunlight, water or oxygen took advantage of the discovery to invade Earth. Vudo’s power comes from seven power stones with unique powers. A young man named Ray Bramasakti came into contact with a power stone and used the power to transform into Bima Satria Garuda and fight against the Vudo. In Satria Garuda Bima X, following the defeat of Vudo’s leader Rasputin by Bima and Azazel, the Earth is threatened once more by the more dangerous Black Lord and the Death Phantoms. Satria Garuda Bima X had concluded its run on Indonesian broadcaster RCTI (part of MNC Group) on August 23, 2015.

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