As reported before, film Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale will be begin regular showing in Indonesia in March 2017. CGV Cinemas (new name of CGV Blitz) has confirmed to screen this film in Indonesia.

Now, cinema network of Platinum Cineplex at Solo and Cibinong has also confirmed to screen this film in Indonesia. Even so, there isn’t any further information about the other branch of Platinum Cineplex.

Taking place after the Mother Rosario arc, Ordinal Scale will feature a completely new storyline.


“In 2026, 2 years after the SAO incident, a new Augmented-Reality MMO game titled “Ordinal Scale” gained popularity among teenagers, but now, the game faces looming danger, as well as our hero, Kirito, and his friends.”

© 2016 Reki Kawahara/Published by Kadokawa Corporation ASCII Media Works/SAO MOVIE Project

Reki Kawahara is handling the script for the movie, while Tomohiko Ito returns as the Movie Director. Character designer Shingo Adachi is working on the character designs as well.

LiSA is returning as the singer for Ordinal Scale‘s theme song, titled “Catch the Moment”. The video clip for the song has been released as well on Youtube.

Written in 2009, Sword Art Online (otherwise known as SAO) is a light novel series that tells the adventures of Kirito inside a Virtual Reality world. It all started when Kirito and Asuna are trapped in a Virtual Reality game world called Sword Art Online. If they happen to die in the game, then they will die in the real world as well. Together with thousands of other players, Kirito has to fight through hundred floors in Aincrad tower to escape from the game. The novel has been adapted to several animation projects, video games, comic serializations, and other adaptations.

Sword Art Online has also been reported to have a Hollywood live-action adaptation, but no further news are available until now.

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