Creating cute girl mascots in anime style, often said to be “moe” mascots, has become a trend. In Indonesia, this trend can be seen among groups and organizations that are influenced by anime culture. In response to this growing trend, a contest for Indonesia-based moe mascots has been initiated this year. The Nusaimoe is a contest inspired by Saimoe contest, a contest where fans can vote for their most favorite moe anime girl characters. Using similar methods, Nusaimoe intends to find out the most moe mascot from Indonesia.

Nusaimoe’s participants come from various groups and organizations such as creative circles, communities, media, online shops selling anime merchandises and many more. The contest is planned to have as much as 64 participants.

As a media that specializes on reporting the latest news in anime, Japan, and local creative industry, KAORI Nusantara also participated with our only mascot, Si Kaori. Our lovely girl mascot is an immature teen interning as a staff at KAORI. Her dream is to become a CRANE operator and her hobbies are taking selfies and listening to EDM like a contemporary urban teenager.12141672_1697900190421650_2368716873383187401_n

Nusiamoe is still opening submission for more participants from Indonesia-based groups and organizations. The requirements for submission is the mascot’s picture and a brief character description, sent to this registration link that will remain open until November 15. Submitted mascots will be selected first to be determined if she can legitimately participate in Nusaimoe.

Further information regarding Nusaimoe can be inquired through their official Facebook page. New participants will be introduced at their page every day at 18.15 WIB (GMT+7), so you can know more about the mascots and be sure to choose your most favorite one.

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  1. I think this is a good initiative while considering current fast-paced fandom dynamics in Indonesia. Aside that, would you care to explore other similar mascot contest like this one outside Indonesia?

    • I agree. Besides that, any mascot must represent the organization’s outlook clearly. People who vote will tend to considerate that aspects when choosing, hence appreciating the creator’s effort on conveying their message.

      Reporting other contests will be in my consideration, even though it will not as soon as you would expect.

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