In recent times, pop culture-related hobbies and lifestyles are on the rise. Interest on popular culture has lead to various fan activities such as fan art, collecting toys (including action figures, statues, etc.), cosplay (performing as a fictional character), and many others.

Jakarta Hobby X, is an event that aims to be a gathering for all those various pop culture hobbies that have been growing in the country. The “X” on the name refers to something mysterious or extraordinary, such as in X-Men, or X-Files. This event is organized by Inotaku Enterprise, KHCI (Indonesian Hobby and Cosplay Community) and KCI (Indonesian Cosplay Community).

The organizer of this event is driven by the belief that hobbies can develop further into a positive industry for the nation. In this era, it is necessary to absorb various trends, industries, and information in the world, and then adapt them to create and compete in the global stage.

This event, will be hosting a variety of booths related to the world of pop culture, such as toys, fashion, accessories, merchandises, fan arts, etc. Some of the programs that will be held in this event include cosplay, karaoke and dance performances, toys auction, and many more.

A number of Indonesian pop culture communities will be joining this event. Among them are the Saint Seiya Community, Indonesian Cosplay Community, ITA Community (with their anime-themed cars and motorcycles), card game communities such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Vanguard, K-Pop Community, fan art circles, gamer communities, and many others.

Jakarta HobbyX is a Pop Culture Festival that will provide exciting activities for all creative pop culture enthusiasts to gather together.

Date: Saturday – Sunday, November 7–8, 2015
Location: JIExpo, PRJ Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Organizers: Inotaku Enterprise, KHCI, KCI
Tickets : Rp. 30.000 each (Ticket Sales on the Spot)


  • Action Figures Auction
  • Toys Auction
  • Sale & Discount: toys, action figures, Gunpla, Nendoroid, costumes, merchandises, etc.
  • Cosplay Contest
  • FanArt Circle Communities
  • Drawing Contest
  • Coloring Contest
  • Coswalk (Cosplay Catwalk)
  • Cosstreet (street cosplay)
  • Karaoke
  • Spicy Ramen Eating Contest
  • Takoyaki Eating Contest
  • Halloween
  • Talent Show Off
  • Fan Art Contest
  • Cosplay Idol 2015
  • Foods & Snacks
  • YuGiOh Card Battle
  • Vanguard Card Battle
  • Door Prizes: t-shirts, action figures, toys
  • And many more


  • Ryn Kuple Toys (Toys & Action Figure)
  • Metamorphosis (Toys & Action Figure)
  • Lariztshop (Weapons Replica & Accessories)
  • Gonzo (Fashion & Merchandise)
  • Ramz Hobbyshop (Toys & Action Figures)
  • Kirameku Shop (Toys & Action Figures)
  • Waroeng Figure (Toys & Action Figures)
  • Smartyhands (Craft & Accessories)
  • Takeshitako (Takoyaki)
  • Hop Hop (Buble Drink)
  • Choco Roku (Snack)
  • The You Think (Beverages)
  • Warung Cemilan (Food & Snack)
  • Curry Bento (Food)



  • KHCI: Komunitas Hobby & Cosplay Indonesia (Indonesian Hobby and Cosplay Community)
  • KCI: Komunitas Cosplay Indonesia (Indonesian Cosplay Community)
  • KOMUNITAS IGO INDONESIA (Indonesian Igo Community)
  • Animage Indo
  • (to be updated)


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