Mio Fukaya had already fallen in love with Takahide Kujo, her schoolmate since high school. During a reunion night, Mio’s feeling returned when she met with Kujo. At first she thought that she might have another chance to be with Kujo, but her hopes shattered when she found that Kujo has become a priest, who couldn’t have any romantic relationship. Even then, in one night a passion ignited between her and Kujo. Then she wondered if it was fine to do that with a priest?


In the first episode the audience are presented with the love story between a girl and a priest who in fact, can’t have a romantic relationship. Despite some adult material and erotic scenes in this anime, there are also some dramatic content, but somehow did not deliver too well. The love story between a girl and a priest could have been a good drama set up, but in the end, there is only some cheesy cliche drama with the male protagonist in this first episode. Perhaps its 5 minutes duration is not suffice to explore it more, which might leave the task to the following episode. And somehow the character design in this anime reminded me of 2010 anime.

Soryou to Majiwaru no Shikiyoku Yoru ni is a 5 minutes short anime that offers three alternatives, an uncensored 18+ version, some mild adult content in 15+ version and the safer all-ages version.

Facts and Figures

Source material Comic series written by Reon Maomi
Alternative title Soryo to Majiwaru, 僧侶と交わる色欲の夜に
Casts Maika Hara as Mio Fukaya
Nerine Akiyama as Shiori Kujo
Pama Kurukuru as Kiyotaka Kujo
Ren’ya Kojita as Yukitaka Kujo
Yo Suzuki as Takahide Kujo
Director Hideki Araki (Accelerando, Agent Aika, Cantaloupe Collector)
Series composition Makoto Takada (Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+)
Character design Mizuki Aoba (Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen)
Opening theme “Meaning of Life” by Confetti Smile
Studio Seven
Official site
Twitter @souryo_anime
Broadcast date 2 April 2017 (2300 WIB/1600 GMT), 3 April 2017 (0100 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

© Maomi Reon/Kujo-kun no Bonno wo mimamoru kai
© Maomi Reon/Kujo-kun no Bonno wo mimamoru kai

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