As previously reported, the creative circle NextHeaven Circle in collaboration with Vivth Floor, a game developer from Jakarta who created Just Desserts and Void, is now developing their new game project titled Xagia Wars.

The developer of this visual novel has announced that they are preparing a fund-raising program through the Kickstarter platform to fund the development of Xagia Wars. In preparation for their fund-raising program, on Monday (10/7) the developers has launched a page at Prefundia to collect feedbacks from people. The feedback collected then will be used in the fund-raising program that runs on Kickstarter.

Xagia Wars is a fantasy-themed visual novel game. Set on Magna, a country blessed by the power of Mystical Beast Leonhart, Xagia Wars tells the story of Isaac, a student on Magna’s Magic Academy. He was born and raised by good parents, have caring friends and good grades at the academy– Isaac lived a wonderfully happy live.

But then, one day when he was going to school, his train got attacked by a ferocious monster. Isaac struggled to defeat the monster, but in the battle, he was killed by a mysterious figure believed to be responsible for the monster attack. After that, Isaac found himself lying in the school infirmary but still alive.

Isaac remembered the event very clearly as if it was really happened– or was it? He continues to remember what a mysterious girl said moments before his death, that his fate is already decided. What does that mean? Was that event actually only a dream?

Check out the trailer for Xagia Wars here:


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