Indonesian comics publisher m&c! will release Junji Ito’s Uzumaki manga in Indonesia. The manga will be published under m&c!’s mature comic imprint Akasha and is scheduled to be shipped to Indonesian bookstores on June 1, 2022, with a suggested retail price of IDR 128,000 (about US$ 8.78).

Uzumaki tells the story of a high school girl Kirie Goshimiya and her boyfriend Shuichi Saito. Both of them live in Kurozu-Cho, a town where the spiral curse affects the people around them. Kirie wants to escape from the town. But can she escape the curse that haunts her? What actually happened in the town?

The manga is written and illustrated by well-known Japanese horror manga author Junji Ito. It was serialized in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirit from 1998 to 1999. In 2000, Uzumaki received a live-action film adaptation directed by Higuchinsky. An anime adaptation is scheduled to air in October 2022, animated by studio Drive and co-produced by Production I.G USA and Adult Swim.

m&c! is an Indonesian comics publisher under the Kompas-Gramedia group. Other than publishing manga, the publisher also publishes Disney comics magazines, and books, Hong Kong martial arts comics, as well as Indonesian comics under the Koloni imprint. The publisher also has the Akasha imprint for mature comics and the Clover imprint for domestic and translated novels.

DISCLAIMER: the availability of books at bookstores/agents may differ from the planned schedule, especially for regions outside of Java island To obtain accurate information regarding the availability of the book, it is advised to contact the Customer Service of your stores of choice for confirmation. For Gramedia bookstores, the contact numbers can be obtained via email

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