In collaboration with Toge Production, Indonesian Game Developer Mojiken Studio announced on their facebook page that they have released two silent visual novels. Both games, titled A Raven Monologue and Banyu Lintar Angin, are available on Steam since 12 January 2018. Both of them are available for free. However, the special editions are also available for IDR 24,999 (GBP 2,09 or USD 2,99), which include some DLC bonusses like mini soundtrack album, behind-the-scenes files, and high resolution illustrations.

A Raven Monologue is a silent interactive story about a raven who does not know how to croak. The player will control the raven, exploring the town and interact with the townspeople. It is only about 4-minutes long. It uses surrealist artwork and narrative to engage the players to interpret the meaning of the story. The game is created by Brigitta Rena and the music is composed by Christabel Annora.

Banyu Lintar Angin – Little storm is a 3-minutes silent interactive story about three siblings named Banyu, Lintar, and Angin. Living in a rural Indonesian town, the players will follow their adventures to live independently, accompanied with beautiful illustrations by Dimas Novan D. The game is created by Dimas Novan D and Elwyn Lysander, while the music is composed by Ittou’s Soundwork.

Mojiken Studio is an Indonesian indie game developer based on Surabaya, East Java. Both games are developed as a part of #MojikenCamp2, an internal program by Mojiken Studio to experiment with how to tell stories or to communicate an experience using a constrained work of interactive art.

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