Last July, Malang-based game developer RAIT Games has released a simulation game about managing a cafe titled Tokioten. The game is available in both English and Indonesian language and can be downloaded for free on Android via google playstore.

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The game itself focuses on a bartender named Ara. The player can control Ara to manage her cafe, from making a dish, buying new furniture, and serving her customer. When her customers are comfortable enough, they can start telling their story and share their life problems.

Interestingly, the developer has also opened a real-life cafe called Tokioten Tea House in Malang. The cafe is located at Jalan Candi Telaga Wangi no 26, Malang, East Java, which is created as a part of a mixed-media project that consists of a smartphone game and a cafe.

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Previously, RAIT Games has released another visual novel on smartphone called Love Convention. The game is a dating simulation that tells the personal stories of its many characters often found in Japanese fandom, from a cosplayer, gamer girl, to comic artist. Just like TokiotenLove Convention is also a part of a mixed-media project that consists of a visual novel game, a webtoon, and a Japanese pop culture Event. At the time of this writing, Love Convention is only available in the Indonesian language.

RAIT Games is a game development division of Malang-based illustration studio RAIT Visual Work. The studio itself is managed by Japan Culture Daisuki, an event organizer that has held some of the Japanese pop culture events in various cities in East Java. Some of the events they have organized were 2016 and 2017 event Comicamp and annual event Daisuki! Japan, which invited the anisong artist Mika Kobayashi as guest start in 2016. Japan Culture Daisuki also held the Indonesian Cosplay Grand Prix East Java preliminary stage in 2019 Daisuki! Japan event, which invited some participants of World Cosplay Summit as judges.

The Indonesian Anime Times | Photo by Dany Muhammad

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