On Wednesday (24/11), Feat Pictures has announced the new information about the Indonesian screening of Mamoru Hosoda’s film BELLE. The film will be screened in January 2022, as shown in the film’s promotional pictures posted on Feat Pictures’ social media. The detailed information about the exact premiere date and the cinema chains that will screen the film are not announced yet.

BELLE‘s release in Indonesia was first announced in September 2021. On Twitter, Feat Pictures also held a poll to measure interest in the film. The poll shows that 95% of 701 respondents are interested to watch the film in Indonesian cinemas.

BELLE (Japanese title: Ryū to Sobakasu no Hime) tells the story of Suzu, a girl who lost his mother in an accident when she was young. One day, she joins a virtual world called U and creates an avatar named Belle. She becomes famous in the virtual world thanks to her singing ability. Later, she meets a mysterious character in U who looks like a dragon. Who is that character? What does he want with Belle?

BELLE is Hosoda’s ninth feature film. He directed and wrote the script, while the animation is produced at Studio Chizu. Hiroyuki Aoyama works as the character design while Disney animator Jin Kei specifically designs Belle’s U avatar.

The voice actors who fill the roles in this film are:

  • Kaho Nakamura as Suzu Naito
  • Kōji Yakusho as Suzu’s Father
  • Rira Ikuta as Hiroka Betsuyaku
  • Ryō Narita as Shinobu Hisatake
  • Shōta Sometani as Shinjiro Chikami
  • Takeru Satoh as The Dragon
  • Tina Tamashiro as Ruka Watanabe
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Justian

Founded in 2014, Feat Pictures is an Indonesian film distributor known for screening films from various countries. Some Japanese films that have been screened by Feat Pictures include Violet Evergarden the Movie and its spin-off, Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish, and Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer. This November, Feat Pictures will also screen ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×20 Film: Record of Memories, a film that depicts the last tour of the Japanese idol group ARASHI.

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