Subscription-based television channel Aniplus has announced that four summer 2017 anime titles will be aired on the channel. The anime are Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU (Premiered on 2 July 2017), Restaurant to Another World (Premiered on 4 July, 2017), Aho-Girl, and Tsuredure Children (both premiered on 5 July, 2017).

Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU is adapted from a web-browser game by DMM and Nitroplus. It tells the story of the Saniwa and his Sword Warriors who are created from the incarnation of Japanese historical swords. Together, they try to stop The Time Retrogade Army, an evil entity who wants to change the history of Japan. Animated by Ufotable, the series premiered on Aniplus on Sunday, 2 July, at 0100 WIT (West Indonesia Time).

Restaurant to Another World is adapted from a light novel written by Junpei Inuzuka and illustrated by Katsumi Enami. The story is set in “Nekoya”, a western style restaurant that warped into another world every seven days. The series is aired every Tuesday starting from 4 July at 0205 WIT on Aniplus.

Aho-Girl is adapted from a manga by Hiroyuki and serialized in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine. It tells the story of Yoshiko Hanabata, a genuinely stupid girl who can even get zero score for multiple-choice tests. Aho-Girl is aired on Aniplus every Wednesday starting from 5 July at 2300 WIT.

Tsuredure Children is a romance anime adapted from a web manga by Toshiya Wakabayashi. It features many love stories from different high school students. While every skit have different characters and story, each of them have something in common: they find it hard to confess their love. Tsuredure Children premiered on Aniplus on 5 July, and will air every Wednesday at 2315 WIT.

Aniplus is a television channel which specializes in airing anime, both completed series as well as series that are still ongoing in Japan. In Indonesia, Aniplus is available via subscription on two cable TV, Telkom (USeeTV) and Trans Vision.

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