Indonesian publisher Elex Media Komputindo have announced that they plan to release Kyou Shirodaira and Ren Saizaki’s manga Blast of Tempest. This announcement was made on their official facebook on Friday (27/10). The post, which is linked to the official forum of publisher Elex Media Komputindo, revealed a sneak peek of the list of books that they plan to release on 22 November 2017.

Tentative, release date may change without notice.

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Original cover of “Blast of Tempest” (source: Amazon)

Here is the synopsis of Blast of Tempest from Elex media forum:

Mahiro Fuwa is a teenager who lost his parents and sister in a mysterious murder. Eventually, He made contact with Hakaze, a sorcerer and the leader of the Kusaribe clan who is stranded on an deserted island.

Mahiro promised to help Hakaze on a condition: Hakaze must help Mahiro to find the killer of his family. Eventually, Mahiro and his best friend, Yoshino, has to stop the Kusaribe clan from attempting to awake “Tree of Zetsuen”, an entity that can destroy the world.

Blast of Tempest (Japanese title: Zetsuen no Tempest) is a manga series written by Kyou Shirodaira and illustrated by Ren Saizaki. It was serialized in Monthly Shōnen Gangan from August 2009 to march 2013 and heavily influenced by two of William Shakespeare’s works, Hamlet and The Tempest. This manga had been adapted into 24 episodes television anime series by studio BONES.

Comic book release date schedules are tentative and the availability of the books may vary between bookshops.

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