Previously, It has been reported that Studio Ghibli’s films will be shown in 45 theaters in 17 cities across Indonesia. This Indonesian theatrical release is made possible by Kaninga Pictures and Hakuhodo DY media partners, with Studio Ghibli as licensor, in cooperation with the largest Indonesian cinema network, Cinema 21.

This event, which is titled World of Ghibli, will not only include film screenings but also an exhibition which will be held by Studio Ghibli in 11 August until 17 September 2017. This information is announced by Willawati, a representative from Kaninga Pictures, in a press conference which was held on Thursday, 30 March 2017. They also informed that the World of Ghibli event is planning to screen not only 5 films, but 22 films from Studio Ghibli.

World of Ghibli logo, designed by Bisri Mustova.

In the press conference, it was also announced that Alleira Batik, a batik manufacturer from Indonesia, received the exclusive right to produce Studio Ghibli’s special merchandise in Indonesia. One of their early work showcased in the press conference was a piece of cloth embedded with batik pattern which form the World of Ghibli logo, designed by Bisri Mustova.

For animation fans in Indonesia, this will be good chance to watch Studio Ghibli films in cinema because Studio Ghibli films usually only screened in a limited number of cities, such as the case with The Wind Rises which was screened at Indonesian cinemas in 2014. Beside that, Studio Ghibli’s films had only been screened on special occasions like movie festivals or cultural events, like The Tale of Princess Kaguya which was screened in Indonesia at Japanese Film Festival 2015.

The involvement of some Indonesian partners such as Kaninga Pictures is meant to allow for knowledge transfer. With approval from Studio Ghibli, this event will showcase everything about Studio Ghibli, while maintaining its originality and does not feel too “Ghibli-ish”.

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