berani gagal

Si Juki, a comic character that is quite popular among internet user, will launch his new book:  #BeraniGagal (Dare to Fail). In this book, Juki will talk about all of his failures and also about human civilization. Although, there haven’t been any further information yet about the release date of this book.

Si Juki is a comic character created by Faza Meonk under Pionicon Management. He is quite popular among social media user. Until now, there are more than 300.000 people who like Juki’s Facebook fanpage. Also in Twitter and Instagram, with the name of @JukiHoki, he can gets up to 80.000 followers. His many books has become best sellers in Indonesian bookstores. Recently, Si Juki also takes part in the Indonesian comics compilation, Kosmik, with the series Si Juki Space Adventure. Along with the comics, Si Juki is also developed in other media such as merchandises, short animation, and mobile games.

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